Fibre Optic Scaling

Fiber-optic periodontal endoscopes used during instrumentation may improve scaling and root planing efficacy in deeper pockets. Advancements in fiber-optic technology, coupled with modifications of the periodontal armamentarium (eg, curets, periodontal probe, ultrasonic scaler) have led to the development of a technology that allows the clinician direct visual access of the subgingival root surface within the periodontal pocket.

Fiber-optic endoscopes contain bundles of thin glass fibers that use the principle of total internal reflection to transmit light to and from the organ being viewed and to transmit almost 100% of the light entering one end to the other. Fiber-optic endoscopes are delicate and expensive instruments. The fibers are made of a special glass, and each fiber is coated with a layer of glass with a different refractive index.

Additionally, the orientation of the fibers in a bundle used for endoscopy must be “coherent” in spatial orientation for its full length.