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Oral Health is an integral element of general health& well being. Although largely preventable, many people across the world still suffer unnecessarily from the pain & discomfort associated with oral diseases. Good oral health enables individuals to communicate effectively, to eat & enjoy a variety of foods, and is important in overall quality of life, self-esteem & self confidence. However, oral diseases affect a significant proportion of the world’s population. A range of diseases and conditions can be classified as oral diseases including dental caries, periodontal diseases, oral cancers, dental fluorosis, etc. Oral diseases are highly prevalent and their impact on both society & individual is significant. Pain, discomfort, sleepless nights, limitation in eating function leading to poor nutrition, and time off school or work as a result of dental problems are all common effects of oral diseases. Oral diseases are however largely preventable, and if so they occur, they are treatable. Advances in clinical operative techniques have made dental treatment more effective and acceptable. Dr. Selukar’s Dental Clinic is a well-equipped modern and specialized dental clinic. We have the latest equipments to help us and provide the best treatment to you. We have trained expert is handling dental patients. Our rates are competitive and most affordable among equivalent clinics. At Dr. Selukar’s Dental Clinic, we take pride in the smiles we create. We are meticulous in our work and every patient we treat, we restore a smile that is all natural. Equipped with the latest technology in dentistry and a vast experience; our dental clinic in Ravet,Pune offers all kinds of dental treatments. Our clinic offers relevant treatment for Root Canal Treatment, Crowns and Bridges, Braces, Dentures and Dental Implants.